Fairy Tales and Freud

Exploring Psychoanalysis in Children's Literature

The Dark Forest: Psychoanalysis in Little Red Riding Hood

Could the dark forest be the hiding place for Little Red Riding Hood's latent sexual desires?


Stockholm Syndrome: Psychoanalysis in Beauty and the Beast

In love with her captor; chittering and chattering to teacups and candlesticks... Has Belle gone mad?

A psychoanalytic mind: Sigmund Freud

Founder of the psychoanalytic theory and all its mechanisms - who was Sigmund Freud?

Necrophilial Desire: Psychoanalysis in Sleeping Beauty

Sex, spindles, necrophilia and the return of the repressed. What more could we expect from this classic fairy tale?

Psychoanalysis in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

What is an Obscurus if not a dark and malignant force conjured up by years of imposed repression?

The Death Drive: Psychoanalysis in Snow White

True love's kiss or a hidden necrophilial desire? Why does the Prince want to buy Snow White's dead body from the dwarves?

Understanding Psychoanalysis in Literature

Originally intended to cure mentally-disturbed patients, since Freud's publication of 'The Uncanny,' psychoanalysis has been applied to literature in the same way it was once applied to dreams.

Fairy Tales and Freud

Harmless childhood tales or psychological stories of sexual development, personal growth and female suppression? What does Freud have to say about the classic fairy tale....

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